Researchers have been working away to find connections between the brain and the gut and hoyboy did they find it; So much so that the scientific community began to refer to the digestive area as your ‘second brain in your gut.’ 

Fight or flight hasn’t changed since the days of cavewomen, it’s about survival.

The body says, do we stock up our energy, or do we use it all at once?

When your gut is dealing with fight or flight it’s the difference between constipation or diarrhea, it’s a lose/lose situation either way you experience it.

Your gut gets a contact trigger from the brain, and together they form a small support group to figure out how to deal with this stress.

This gang is ready to fight, or freak out, together.

All for one, and poop for none. 

Stress is inevitable, constipation doesn’t have to be

With DigestLIVE your little gang of brains are frozen in fight or flight, we provide a third option.

DigestLIVE works as a mediator, allowing both brains to take a step back, instead of charging into battle.  

Boosted with all natural, super anti-anxiety properties, your body can focus on smooth function, and leave the weight of the world out of your gut, and in the bathroom where it belongs.

Choose the third option