Sami D.

I take DigestLive to live my life more comfortably. “I’ve always had issues with going to the bathroom consistently. I never thought about it as constipation, I just knew that for years I had struggled to have regular bowel movements and that’s why I started taking DigestLive. Now I go regularly with ease."

Myriam S.

I feel like a normal person. “When I would try to pass bowels, I experienced tremendous pain. I was in complete desperation and that’s when I turned to DigestLive. I couldn’t believe the results that followed. I had the urge to go but not with the uncontrollable urge of a laxative. It totally healed me. The feeling was amazing!"

Allison P.

DigestLive works wonders. “I didn’t love the product, DigestLive so much at first. But once I got the dosage right for my personal needs this product totally cleaned me out, it was insane. There was no cramping, no bloating and no partial cleaning out of my system. DigestLive works wonders and I recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic or occasional constipation.”