You’ve been treating a symptom, and no one told you. How could they?

There’s constipation, and then there’s female constipation. True, the female and male gastrointestinal system are identical, but there are three distinct factors separating the two; the neighbours of the female gastrointestinal system wreak havoc when it comes to fluctuating hormones, the fact that the colon shares space with the reproductive system at all, and the affects of stress on already sensitive hormones.

When looking at female constipation and bloating its impossible, even reckless, to disregard the Female Pelvic Region and all its glorious functions.

And yet, that's exactly what the rest of the market does.

Our unique formula works in tandem with the intricate universe of the Female Pelvic Region to create a massage-like motion inside the digestive system and gently stimulates the colon and gut.


A Seat at the Table

(we saved you a spot)

Conversation is a lot like cake; Everyone knows it's there, the option is on the table, but no one will take a slice until that one hero will cut into it. As the conversation sits on the table, untouched, will you be the one to take that first slice? We invite you to take a seat at the table, and share what you got. As they say, you're the best at being you. So come on you, pull up a seat and dig in to the conversation.


Meet the Founder

Orly Added-Bussu, CEO

Practicing Lawyer in Corporate litigation 25 years; Legal Department at international high-tech firm

A letter from our founder

My name is Orly Added-Bussu, I grew up around women who talked. They talked about their lives, their bodies, and the world around them; but only behind closed doors. It seemed to me that these conversations were natural, sharing is caring, no? Yet I saw a world that closed doors on conversations about women’s bodies and struggles. That doesn’t sit right with me. As women around the world find their voices, I know there is still room to keep pushing the envelope. 

I wanted to create a space where women feel comfortable learning and sharing about their bodies and their daily struggles. When we share, we learn, and when we learn we stop seeing what is taboo in society, and we begin, rather, to see what connects us. This is a community based on our bodies and our stories, passed on from the women before us and echoing into the conversations of women to come. 


a community of warriors

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