We Love Pink But Not Pink Tax!

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We Love Pink But Not Pink Tax!

For every Ken that is suffering from constipation there are three Barbies.  If Barbie gets constipated, why should she be taking the same thing as Ken?  

Today Barbie is paying a pink tax.  What is the pink tax?  It’s the additional price that women pay to purchase identical products or services.  An example of this is dry cleaners who charge more  to iron a women’s button down shirt, or a product that is rebranded to target women but is the same formulation as mens.  California banned gendered pricing in 1996 after determining that women spend an average of $1300 more on identical products that are marketed directly to females.

One thing for sure is that Barbie is paying the pink tax and all of us women are paying with her.  We at Organza took that challenge of upending conventional and accepted treatment of women.  No more pink tax, no more one size fits all treatment.  What matters is that the solutions will be female specific.  We have different hormones and anatomy, we are unique in so many ways and statistics show that gender inclusive solutions do not get women more relief when they are treated for similar conditions.  

Every woman needs to reject the “bikini view of women.”  This is the antiquated notion that women are different from men solely in their reproductive organs. This idea was pioneered by Dr Marianne Legato in her movement towards gender-specific medicine in the 1990’s.   

Our mission is to make sure that women are treated as women, not as small men.  Gender-specific medicine is the medicine of the future and the future is now.