Keeping Up Healthy Habits While Traveling

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Keeping Up Healthy Habits While Traveling

It’s summer and how can summer go by without me talking about travel and vacation?  (Ahem... if you are a mom then this might not be a vacation.) This might be a wonderful (and stressful) and fun (and annoying) time of connection and family time, but it may also mean that you are managing a lot.  Maybe you are on a plane and traveling through a foreign land to some new location.  Maybe you are taking a car trip with your family and enjoying an AirBNB.  You might be camping or sending kids to camp. Wherever your summer travels may take you, we want to make sure that you are feeling your best. 

I am currently working my way through Austria and Prague.  We are doing two weeks out of carry-ons with a crew of kiddies.  Here is what I do to keep myself regular with my travels:

  1. I eat like I normally would.  Yes, that means that I am emphasizing delicious vegetables, yummy proteins, and healthy fats.  For me, vacation is not about indulging in refined carbohydrates.  Did you know that a single high sugar meal induces changes in DNA that persist for more than six days? Yup, studies have shown that high glucose ingestion is detrimental for us on a sub-cellular level.  I love good food and gravitate towards savory and I have sugar very occasionally.  
  2. I hydrate and hydrate and then I hydrate some more.  I am a bit of a water snob. And luckily the water where I am at in this remote Austrian village in the mountains has delicious water.  But that isn’t always the case.  When the tap water isn’t to my liking, or I am concerned about contaminants, I stock up on water on my first day of travel so I always have a big bottle to take with me when I go out on my daily excursions.
  3. To me the best way to vacation is to get up while everyone else is still sleeping and to take a run in whatever country I am in. Over the last year I have done morning runs in Barcelona, Israel, Egypt, Miami, Orlando, and Italy.  Today I added Austria to that list.  It poured buckets and there was lightning and thunder... all the more reason to run fast! And yes, that keeps my tummy and bowel movements happy and regular. 
  4. Taking advantage of the sites and running around whatever location I am enjoying means that my 9:30 pm bedtime sometimes gets pushed off, and yes, that can affect bowel movements the next day.  So of course, I travel with DigestLIVE.  Two pills at night mean that I am never bloated and that I feel like myself even when I am in a different country with different food and a new schedule. 

Do you have a travel tip? Or a recommendation of where I should get on a plane to next?  Send me your recommendations at!

Have a great summer! pink poop emoji