Dietitian Endorsed: DigestLIVE Goes Live on TV

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Dietitian Endorsed: DigestLIVE Goes Live on TV

It's fun talking sh*t.

I grew up in the Mid-West. In the 80's. I can't even say that word without feeling a little bit like I'm doing something wrong. And now here we are talking about female constipation (getting some attention with our very cute tagline- "Constipation relief for women who don't give a sh*t"), and putting female bowel and pelvic floor health front and center. Constipation affects 30% of the female population in the United States. If a third of women feel uncomfortable, if digestive health and the microbiome have been at the forefront of medical literature for the past decade, why are we still uncomfortable talking about, ahem, poo?

Here is registered dietitian, Kelly Springer, talking about DigestLIVE ™ on live television.

Maybe if we talk about female constipation enough, we can end it. 💩 ❤️ Reach out to me to collaborate, spread the word, and help our mission. DigestLIVE™ isn't just a product, it's a movement (pun intended)!