It’s Not Just Your Gut, It’s a Journey

Stress And Constipation: One more thing to worry about (but not for long.)

Researchers have been working away to find connections between the brain and the gut and hoyboy did they find it; So much so that the scientific community began to refer to the digestive area as your ‘second brain in your gut.’ 

Stress is inevitable, constipation doesn’t have to be.

DigestLIVE works as a mediator, allowing both brains to take a step back, instead of charging into battle.

Want to better understand your two brains connection?

Stress And Constipation: One more thing to worry about (but not for long.)

Travel and Constipation: Bypass Excess Baggage

Once again, constipation has managed to sneak into the carry on luggage, the travel buddy no one asked for. 

Seriously, who invited this guy? 

Whether you’re traveling for business, or pleasure, constipation has no place on the itinerary.

DigestLIVE is your constipation passport, it opens up a world of smooth travels, and smoother bowel movements.

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Travel and Constipation: Bypass Excess Baggage

Post-Op & Constipation: Healing Never Felt So Natural

Have you had a look in your recovery kit yet? All the right pills and creams…

That might have sufficed in a pinch, but you’ve packed a punch. These days we know more about post-op constipation than ever. 

All Hands on Deck: Meet your post-op care unit. 

We’re not redesigning the wheel, we’re just getting it all moving. 

DigestLIVE sets your recovery up for success, mind, body, and flush.

Want to get the wheel moving?

Post-Op & Constipation: Healing Never Felt So Natural

Constipation and PMS: The Untold Story

Ever noticed a shift in your toilet habits around your period? You’re not imagining it.

Get Ahead of the Cycle.

DigestLIVE is about navigating the ebbs and flows of your hormones throughout your cycle, minimizing the effects of PMS induced constipation.

Want to flow with DigestLIVE?

Pre-menopause: What's *actually* happening here?

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is pre-menopause. Is it a hot flash, or is it a free holiday to a tropic isle at the most inconvenient of times? 

Hot flash, bathroom flush, DigestLIVE has you covered.

By supporting erratic hormonal changes, certain herbs are able to not only steer the course, but specifically address symptoms of pre-menopause, such as hot flashes, restless sleep and of course, constipation.  

When you take the right partner on your rollercoaster, it’s more coast, than roll.

Want to get coasting?

Pre-menopause: What's *actually* happening here?

Menopause + Constipation: Lightening the Load

The guesswork of pre-menopause is over. Hurray for the certainty of menopause? 

You will certainly be experiencing changes, you will certainly get that ‘between the waves’ feeling, but the current of menopause doesn’t have to pull you under with it. 

But where does constipation fit in?

Going Through Changes doesn’t Mean You’ve Changed.

Your body is still your body, it just needs a new map. DigestLIVE charts the course of your menopausal adventure, anticipating, and soothing, storms before they arise. 

Want to climb aboard?

Menopause + Constipation: Lightening the Load

Post Menopause: Entering This New Period, Sans Period, in Harmony.

Menopause is considered ‘over’ after a year of fluctuation. During that year your hormones are deciding where they want to go, they’re making plans for the future, they’re saying goodbye to what can only be described as a shittonne of estrogen. Take a deep breath, it’s time to level out. 

Your Hormones & Your Gut, Couples Counseling.

Rebuilding the trust between your hormonal levels and your gut brain is as simple as the right proprietary blend. 

Want to get synced up?

Post Menopause: Entering This New Period, Sans Period, in Harmony