Once again, constipation has managed to sneak into the carry on luggage, the travel buddy no one asked for. 

Seriously, who invited this guy? 

Well, you see, your gut is home to microflora, a pretty umbrella name that refers to the many different bacteria that keep your bowels moving.

These shifts in routine mess with the very sensitive balance of microflora and microbiome that have poured their figurative hearts and souls into keeping your digestive system in balance. 

Have you ever noticed that your skin gets out of whack when you're flying?

That’s exposure to new elements, and dehydration.

Your gut works the same way.

Add in exposure to new elements, subject routine, and you get a very upset union of microflora  in red alert screaming, “Close the border!” 

Cue the travel constipation.

Whether you’re traveling for business, or pleasure, constipation has no place on the itinerary.

DigestLIVE is your constipation passport, it opens up a world of smooth travels, and smoother bowel movements.

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