We know that DIGESTLIVE has the power to transform your life, but don't just listen to us, read what some of professionals in the field of nutrition and medicine had to say....


Mashie Shirken, Certified Health Education Specialist and Credentialed Nutritionist

"For those of you who have experienced constipation, I don't have to tell you how uncomfortable, and at times painful, it can be. You've been there. You've likely tried fiber supplements and other over the counter products and may have had some positive results, however, you likely also experienced the side effects; the bloating, the frequent and unpleasant visits to the restroom and so on... Don't you think it's time for something different? Even if you resigned yourself to the situation, give yourself the gift of trying DigestLive. It is unlike any other product you tried; it works gently, with your body instead of against it, to help it function the way it is designed to. Employing the goodness of its ingredients to get your digestive tract on its way to doing its job."


Dr. Yoav Kamkaji, Specialist in Homeopathic Medicine 

"DigestLive is a game changer. Because of its all natural ingredients sourced from the best places around the globe, you know when you're taking it you are getting the best of the best. The combination of herbs from these quality locations creates the ultimate measure against constipation."

Yael Gersten, nutrition and psychological energy treatment specialist, clinical herbalist and homeopathic doctor 

“I’ve been constipated since I was a small girl. I inherited it from my mother. I tried many types of medicines, natural and chemical, but I didn’t find any solutions for my problem. I was afraid to leave my house for extended periods of time, to be stuck with this problem was so unpleasant. Then a miracle happened, I got to know the natural solution which is DigestLive. It contains natural elements which I know as an herbalist are very good and do no harm to the body. Since I started taking it, I am not addicted or dependent on the product, not at all, and that is the beauty of it. I only take it when I need it and I’m not afraid to go abroad or anywhere else anymore. It opened my soul and my body. Since then, I recommend it to every patient of mine and they thank me as much as I thank the creators of DigestLive.”