Have you had a look in your recovery kit yet?

All the right pills and creams…That might have sufficed in a pinch, but you’ve packed a punch.

These days we know more about post-op constipation than ever. 

As a natural subsequence of surgery you will experience the big four: opioid medication (pain killers) anesthesia, irregular (poor) eating and drinking, and lack of movement. 

Not only are these suckers thirsty, the strain it takes for them to drain you of excess fluids and then some, actually slows down your guts motility.

So your gut is now dehydrated, and moving at snails pace.

You’re not only holding on to some tough logs, but it’s been pushed by some beavers who are just about ready for retirement and not going by anyone’s schedule but their own. 

Let’s unpack anesthesia. Of course, it’s just another foreign substance messing with the delicate balance of your body, but anesthesia, like the pain medication, is harmful when it comes to constipation for the very same reasons it’s helpful in its surgical duties. 

Factor in lack of movement and changes in routine, and your digestive system is sent completely out of whack.

Your eating habits are interrupted due to either fasting or lack of appetite, and the healing process will of course mean a slowing down of routine, not to mention the lack of movement that comes with the rest that is crucial for healing.

This may not even be your first time, you may be a recovery pro, but why let yourself suffer?

The post-op world is healing, and so can you. 

All Hands on Deck: Meet your post-op care unit 

The recovery all star roll call:

Hops, known to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance as well as boasting powerful flavanones that are beneficial for overall well-being;

Rhodiola Rosea, who graciously reduces stress, combats fatigue, improves physical and mental fitness and resilience;

and ahwagandha, the anti-anxiety properties of which have been healing the mind and body for over 3000 years.

We’re not redesigning the wheel, we’re just getting it all moving. 

DigestLIVE sets your recovery up for success, mind, body, and flush.

Get the Wheel Moving