Menopause is considered ‘over’ after a year of fluctuation.

During that year your hormones are deciding where they want to go, they’re making plans for the future, they’re saying goodbye to what can only be described as a shittonne of estrogen.

Take a deep breath, it’s time to level out. 

Once your body has come to a coast, settling in to post menopause - aka, the next phase - it will find a whole new level of hormonal intake. That level is low. 

Speaking of new discoveries, scientists have found that there are estrogen receptors in the gut.

This explains why the past year may have been a rocky one for your bathroom time. 

As your body pumps erratic last spurts of estrogen into your system, deciding on a level it’s comfortable with, your gut is sent into disarray. 

So why would your gut be acting up now?

You’d think that this would be the time for the gut to relax, as your hormones have settled into their new happy place.

Unfortunately, your gut brain, like your brain, remembers it all. It might take a while to get back on track, to regain trust issues between the new hormone levels and your little gut-world.

Your Hormones & Your Gut, Couples Counseling

Rebuilding the trust between your hormonal levels and your gut brain is as simple as the right proprietary blend. 

DigestLIVE has been developed alongside cutting edge research on the female pelvic region to better understand the female lifecycle in all its colorful stages. 

Our proprietary blend is packed with herbal ingredients, catered to you, to allow your digestive system the peace of mind to function at its best; giving you time to enjoy your body’s new found stability outside of the tampon aisle, and away from the bathroom. 

Trust your gut, it will trust you.