Ever noticed a shift in your toilet habits around your period? You’re not imagining it. 

Donald Ford, MD, says that there is certainly a link between menstrual hormonal fluctuation and constipation.

Don’t get stuck thinking this is your run of the mill constipation...bloating and cramping may feel like your average stomach woes, but PMS constipation is - surprise, surprise - all about the uterus. 

It’s a dance of progesterone and estrogen that keeps your cycle in said flux.As your body prepares your uterus for ovulation it experiences a surge of progesterone to thicken the uterine lining, creating a cushy home for the egg that is about to drop. 

There you have it, not your basic ‘clogged pipes’ constipation.

So, what now? 

Get Ahead of the Cycle 

By acknowledging the role of hormones in PMS Constipation, DigestLIVE  translates the uterus’ erratic fluctuations, to gentle flow.

DigestLIVE is about navigating the ebbs and flows of your hormones throughout your cycle, minimizing the effects of PMS induced constipation.With just a little education, we can eliminate a lot of discomfort, naturally.  

Your period doesn’t have to be a period of struggle.